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New website

I believe these are supposed to start, “Hello world”. I probably would like to add, “I think you need a hug.”. 

Having spent 13 years on blogger and received over half a million hits, why would I move the site? I haven’t really. The url is the same, the writing is just as bad, only the interface is better. Blogger was good in its day but just doesn’t cut it anymore. Blogger is also owned by Google whereas this site is run by Ecohosting on WordPress which I much prefer.

I’m doing this at a pivotal point, not just in my life but in the world. Atmospheric CO2 is now 414ppm, Arctic ice has hit a new low, the UK is between Covid 2 peaks while the government increasingly tries to hide, obfuscate and confuse, and as individuals the call to action is now so loud that some of can hardly hear ourselves think.

So, much of the same will go on here but I might also start posting some of my writing too. That will cheer you up…


Just to cheer you up proper like, this is the latest from the National Snow and Ice Data Centre

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